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We’re pretty sure you have data, but do you use
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We help you to better analyze
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Get insight from your databases, your
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Our services can help you with data of all sizes

We validate the results well, optimize the speed of access and all with proven safety. Behind every project we stand, this is guaranteed to you. No compromise.

Microsoft Azure Cloud Services

Microsoft Azure Cloud

Buying physical servers is history. With Microsoft Azure Cloud we can provide Data platform faster and simpler. Data will be available where you are, and security regulations of data centers provide you the highest level of safety.


Data Management

Have an optimized database, have a security setting that only allows people to see only the permitted part of a data. We manage regular backups and ensuring that those backups are available only to authorized personnel.

Data Integrations

Data Integrations

Data from one file to another, from one or more databases to another, integrating with other files to have the big picture of your complete dataset. Include data from your POS system, from ERP, from CRM, from web etc… we can integrate them all.

Data Warehousing

Data Warehousing

After the data integration process, it’s important to store the entire data set in one data warehouse to better serve your employees and ensure better security management. SQL relational databases and no-SQL (documents) databases, all this can be integrated.

Power BI Desktop and Cloud

Power BI Desktop and Cloud

As a suite of business analytics tools for analyzing data and share insights. Power BI Desktop is used by data analysts and data engineers to prepare data, visualizations, and reports, after that, they uploaded to Cloud Service where dashboards can be created to provide a 360-degree view for business users with their most important metrics in one place, updated in real time. With one click, users can explore the data behind their dashboard using intuitive tools that make finding answers easy.

Self-Service BI with Power BI

Self-Service BI with Power BI

Self-Service Business Intelligence Systems are great for companies of all sizes because we as a data engineers can prepare data models of all types and set up a security that will be suitable for complete organization. After a short education, your analysts and other employees can use the prepared models without any mistakes, and all of them, based on security rights can see always exact numbers without errors. Available on all of their devices.

Analysis Services

Analysis Services

Both on-premise or in Azure Cloud, with Analysis Services we can provide complete BI solution that meets the needs of analysts and all other business users to reducing time-to-insights on large and complex datasets with a very fast response. We combine data from multiple sources into a single, trusted BI semantic model that’s easy to understand and use. With Analysis Services for sure, you speed up productivity of your employees because they don’t need to do repetitive tasks.

Power BI Education and Training

Education & Training

During or after a project we like to be on same track with our clients. Regarding that our main focus is to educate analysts, audits, managers, owners or any other business users to be better in data analysis, and we provide online or on-site training. Power BI training includes basic business intelligence concepts, introductions with company’s dataset and most important how to dig deeper, and how successfully analyze data and track the pulse of your business.

About our company

About our company

As a Microsoft Partner and IT company based in Oslo, Norway, and Miami USA, VS Office provides support services for Microsoft Data Platform, especially focused on Power BI and complete Microsoft Business Intelligence stack.

About our history

About our history

With more than 18 years of experience in IT, we don’t just serve our clients. We are here to be their reliable Partner for Microsoft technologies and deliver more than just a support service.

We provide the best service for any business

Many service providers are there.
But why you should choose us?


Even though two cases look the same, we approach and treat them differently with specific set of tools.


It’s not about the question “with what (tools)?”, then “how?” to identify market opportunities that lead to new possibilities.


We know how important it is to turn your company into a faster business. We are here to support you while realizing your dreams.

Benefits of working with us

We place huge value on strong relationships and have seen the benefit they bring to our business. Client feedback is vital in succeeding our mission. Also, we want you to feel able to talk to us. If something isn’t working, we want to know about it, so we can get it right.
With VS Office 360 client gets:

  • A proactive partner that works hand-in-hand with you, helping you achieve goals and adding value to your business.
  • A dedicated and loyal business partner in a strategic alliance
  • A committed partner to the continuous learning and development of your business processes to realize its full potential. 

"The purpose of a business is to create a customer who creates customers" — Shiv Singh

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