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Share dashboards with your organization

Power BI reports help you find data, collect it in a data model, and build reports and visualizations. These features are even more powerful when you share your insights with others in your organization.

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To share a dashboard, open it in the Power BI service and select the Share link in the top left-hand corner.


From the Share dashboard page, select the Share tab. In the Email address field, enter the names of people whom you’d like to grant access to your dashboard. You can also copy and paste email addresses into this field, or you can use a distribution list, security group, or Office 365 group.


If you select the Send email notification to recipients check box, then your recipients will receive an email with a link to the shared dashboard. You can add an optional note to the email.

Note: Recipients without an existing Power BI account will be taken through the sign-up process before viewing your dashboard.

Anyone whom you share a dashboard with can see and interact with it exactly as you do. However, they have read-only access to the underlying reports, and they have no access to the underlying datasets.

For more information, see Share Power BI dashboards and reports with coworkers and others

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